Xanga: Right Before Freshman Year

This is the face of the guy I’ll be living with next year…

Supposedly according to his myspace he’s very into fashion like Dolce&Gabbana or something, his favorite line is Dior…. i dont even know what the hell that is.

And he showers at least three times a day, i probably take a shower once every three days…

Anyways he’s from Barcelona and he likes fishing so thats pretty tight, i guess i should just wait till i actually meet him or talk to him before freaking out… at least he’s not bigger than me

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  1. i bet he’s gay.  shucks.  all the good ones are gay.


    i bet you’re EXCITED to room with him! how exciting and cute! lol
    I mean..come on..you do judge guys..hahaha
    im jk jinooooooo =]


  3. D&G and Dior? LOL
    kid sounds MADDDDD GAY. u guys’ll be an odd couple


  4. HAHAHAHA. oh, the fun&crazy stories of random rooming..he’s got cute eyes.. upside down.. haha.have a greatttt summer! :]


  5. GOOD LUCK ON SURGERY!!!! =]]]
    u guys are going to look stunning..
    oh wait..i mean..even MORE stunning..hhaha.. =]
    6 weeks..i better see u guys within 6 weeks.. =]


  6. how are u guys feeling?
    HUNGRY huh? haha
    its okaaaay ull be eating good stuff again ;]


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