Xanga: Doraville Basketball

It’s a weird feeling:  we actually became Doraville Champions, which is awesome, but its weird thinking that next year I’ll be watching from the bleachers instead of sitting on the wooden blue bench.  Tournament basically dominated my life 2 months every year since 7th or 8th grade.  I remember in 7th grade when Jon Lee and the old old dudes would let us play with them because us younger fools were the future,  and this was when people called Jason ‘future’ instead of David.  But now I dont think you can call anyone on our team ‘future’ anymore because if its not time yet then they will always be future.  Now the present rests on the ‘Young Guns’, as one dude with the same name as my dog aptly dubbed them, to represent since they cant be the future anymore.

I remember when we were the future, we being eddie, me and Jason, back in middle school.  The older guys used to make us play with them because eventually, the Twin Towers and Iverson were gonna dominate the Doraville Tournament.  I remember after a tournament game we all went to CiCis and John Lee paid for me and my brother, and I thought that that was like the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me.  But man those times were fun, even though we lost every single game, every single tournament it was fun waiting for the time that we would be the ones playing full court.

And thinking of the trouble we had finding players and the number of players we went through every year.  I mean you could define the times by the new player our teams were based around.  The David Park era, Dong, Danny and Tony, Simon Ahn, Sung Bang, every year we would find someone new that would carry us to the finals.

But then came the first tournament where Hanin actually went to the finals, that was the Immanuel Tournament where we had only five players.  The original Twin Towers, Iverson, this one fool that everyone called Future and who thought he was Micheal Jordan, and this dude whose name came from a stuffed animal.  That was a fun tournament, and back then me and eddie were so big compared to everyone else that people wouldn’t believe we were only 15.  At that time playing was easy, all me and eddie had to do was wait down low while brian, david, and jason were lobbing up threes and get the rebounds and put them back up.  Me and eddie put up 30 points together in one game.  The most i’ve scored in a game ever since then was maybe five, and thats a maybe.  But we couldn’t finish it out and the other twins from AKBC took the championships.

Then some scrubs started coming to our church:  fools like Robert and James Kim, the Songs, and the all the rest of them.  Then our team was more like the All star team instead of an NBDL team.  Man i remember when we first saw Robert and James Kim walk into our trailer and Jason started hyperventilating.  Then he really started to freak out about how they were so amazing, but me and eddie just sat there thinking we could take those fools easy, no problem.

But still we had that curse that made it so we could never get that championship.  But now, in the last game of my life Hanin finally came out as the champs.  So i just wanted to thank everybody, especially the greatest team Hanin has ever seen..  Its weird, when I first came to GA i thought that no matter what I would always be a Chicagoan and there would never be a church as great as my old one.  But now, there’s no church I would ever go to or play for other than Hanin.

PS.  We finally dominated the league Jason, and to me you’ll always be Iverson so make sure I’ll be proud next year when I tell everyone I know that I used to be on the same team as you fools.

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  1. wow.
    u write a lot! but read it all. nice. cute n funny about the guys.. lol”one dude with the same name as my dog ”
    congrats tho! u guys did awesome. I didnt have any doubts once the courts were all open to you guys and you guys set foot on the full court. =]


  2. congrats! :]i wish i was there to see it all..have fun finishing up senior year with a BANG! 😛


  3. the old, old dudes. 
    so am i “jon lee” AND “john lee?”
    c’mon…it was just cici’s.  not a big deal, bro. 
    how did your stomach feel last night?
    btw, he was never “future.”  he was “little iverson.”  jason needs a new nickname.  for some reason, he reminds me of luke walton…in a good way (i’m sure you’re reading this jason…i mean it as a compliment because luke walton is one of my favorite young players to watch…he’s not spectacular but he’s smart…and he’s solid). 
    i sometimes regret giving david the nickname of “future” (though it sure caught on quickly).  he’s more like “little lamar odom.”  watch odom play and tell me his game doesn’t resemble david noh’s (great ball handler, left handed, long and lanky, high tops and socks that look like ski boots).
    you guys made us really proud last night.  there were a lot of prouds noona’s and hyungs (old, old dudes) in the crowd, cheering hanin’s every move.
    what a way to finish…now…it’s time to represent the emory kusa team, sir. 
    and you can always play for the hanin college and up team… i’ll look forward to roughing you up in the next yahoo football league, homie.


  4. hahahhahaai cracked up the whole time while i was reading this.good job about the whole tourney deal & you boys definitely deserved it.haha i heard about the long cruel hard practices.
    twin towers. hahahahahau crack me upppppppp dude.
    p.s. jason is gay. HYPERVENTILATING? hahahahahahaha that boy is obsessed with james!


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