Xanga: Ajax

AT LONG LAST A TRUE WARRIOR HAS BEEN CONCEIVED, borne unto the world under a dark sky streaked with platinum flashes of lightning, the great drums of the clouds shook the earth whilst sulfer seared the nostrils of those unfortunate enough to witness its conception.  The great inventor Daedalus aided by Haphaestus, patron god of all smiths, molded molten steel brought thousands of leagues from the legendary…. Rocky Mountains, at the great forges burning within the great… car factories of Denver, CO.  The creators surveyed their creation with apprehension as the force they were set to unleash would be an uncontrollable beast that could leave destruction in its wake.  Dubbed AJAX, this warrior is set to lead to the deaths of unfathomable numbers, because chances are we’re going to kill ourselves. 

 My uncle, with considerable pressure from my grandma i think, decided that his two awesome nephews shouldn’t be stuck driving a van around, so he gave us an early graduation present.  He gave us his Jeep Wrangler 4.0L Sahara Edition, with a towing capacity of 2000 pounds and a hard or soft top; this beast is either going to give me considerable power in outdoor skirmishes concerning airsoft/water balloons, or its gonna kill me.  Now somebody needs to get a towing chain cuz i’m probably going to get stuck in a ditch or ravine or something.

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  1. you’d look hotter in that jeep with me in it.


  2. i am so  jealous right now…
    i want a jeep wrangler SO bad but my parents wont let me! GAHHHHso freakn lucky!!!!


  3. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!   i asked for that for 2 years.  then gave up.  i’ll see you in a week!  weeeee


  4. you are now officially cool!


  5. hmm how uncool.. i wanted that car! -_-
    u dun need that car..u drive slow anyways..stick to your van! haha im jk =]
    u owe me a sandwich!!!!!! >=O


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