Xanga: Randomness?

This is gonna be a random/ reeeeeaaaalllly long post thingy mainly stemming from the fact that I haven’t posted since break, and I am very bored at the moment.  If you read the entire thing I’ll hug you and say what a devoted friend you are and then run away cuz only a fool would spend this much time on so much text.  And i would think you were madly in love with me but considering the fact that I feel mostly dudes read this and I dont swing that way I wouldn’t appreciate it much.  And when you consider that this is just my into. you gotta know that this is gonna be long as crap.

First thing: The best thing about having a Superbowl party at your house is that you get to keep the food thats left over.  My mom hasn’t cooked dinner all week and the only thing i’ve been eating has been pizza, chips/dip, and meat/cheese square thingies. 

Second thing:  Everybody has a sports team whether NFL, NBA or whatever that they like or hate.  I always either just go along with my brother or pick some random team but when I think about it, there’s no actual reason that I like or dislike teams, mainly considering the fact that I dont even watch that much sports on TV.  Soooo….. i was thinking on why I hate the Wizards, Mavs, Spurs, etc and like the Bulls, Pistons, Warriors, and Bobcats and I only have legitimate reasons for a few of them. 

Back when I was in 8th grade I played on a Roswell Rec team, and this seriously was one hell of a team considering that I was the shortest member of the team (and this was back when I was actually tall compared to other guys).  I mean I remember when for some reason we only had 4 players for this a game and the other team had to constantly rotate players to even have a chance at beating us.  We seriously dominated the league.  We got into the semi-finals that year but in that last game we played for some reason we had no energy, we couldnt do crap and we got blown out… to the same team that we played 4 v. 10.  Our team was called the Warriors, and its the one actual b-ball jersey i have, and the team we played against was the Wizards.  So that’s why I love the Warriors and hate the Wizards.

Pistons:  I like the Pistons mainly b/c Ben Wallace is one of my favorite players and after reading his bio and all the crap he did, plus his fro and guns, there’s no way I couldn’t like the Pistons.

Bobcats:  I just love the fact that they have such a young team w/ a whole lot of cap room and plus Gerald Wallace is one of the main reasons I’m doin so good in Fantasy… and they were doing insane before everyone got injured.

Bulls:  I’m from Chicago, this is kind of a necessity…

Mavs/Spurs:  I can’t think of any good reason for why i dislike these teams, especially Tim Duncan, but you gotta have a team to hate on, and for some reason they just irk me whenever i see them on TV.

3rd thing:  I have a new hero, Manilal Gandhi.  I’ve been reading Long Walk to Freedom b/c my dad wants me to get inspired by Mandela and stuff…. and it said how Mandela worked with Manilal Gandhi who was Mahatma Gandhi’s son.  This fool went to jail 4 times by the time he was 17 for civil rights protests.  He did more stuff to change his world than I’ve even thought about doing by the same age that I am.  So this makes me think what the hell have I been pissing my life away doin?  I mean every thing that I want to do I tell myself that I have to wait until I’m older to do it, but this fool did whatever he could no matter how old he was.  Of course you could argue that he has a clear enemy to oppose and act upon, and the only thing I have to worry about is whether that dinner my mom just cooked was going to be the last thing I ate before I slept, but thats a lameass excuse.  So I resolved that I’m going to write my first book/novel/fictional memoir/whatever the hell i feel like by the end of this summer.  But I’ll probably forget about this in a few days but I’ll at least think I’m going to do it.

4th thing:  I’ve always really wanted to be a writer, at least on the side, but I would never tell my mom that b/c then she would make me go to writing camps and stuff and I hate junk like that.  And plus I think I really suck at writing b/c I always get mediocre scores on my papers,  granted I always do them the night before and dont proofread them, but if i care so little about the quality of my papers then I shouldn’t be a writer.  But then I look at books like Long Walk To Freedom and I Am Jackie Chan, and other Bios i’ve read and think that they’re not very good writers either.  I mean Jackie Chan’s writing sucked but I still enjoyed the book b/c of the content.  Content I can handle, cuz i already have a lot of crap i want to write about, but no matter how complicated the thing i want to write is, the most i could write would be around 12 pages or something before i start rambling about random retarded things like i’m doing now…. so I’ve been waiting ’till after college when I might actually be able to write well.  But then we read some poem like Thanotopsis in LA where some prick teenager wrote a poem that gets published when he was 17, and that makes me feel like crap all over again….. maybe when i’m in the mts. by myself I’ll have enough time to write something worthwhile.

5th thing:  I’ve realized that either my kids are gonna hate me or the one woman who will be willing to have my kids won’t want me to be the father anymore cuz my kids are gonna have the most wack names ever.  Cuz if you think about it who would want their kids to have the same name as anybody else?  I mean you want your kid to be unique and special but you give them a name that he has to share with a thousand other kids.  And when you’re last name is Kim then you’re 1st name has to be extra special to make up for the fact that you’re related to 1/2 the Korean race.  I’m really leaning towards something African cuz some of Mandela’s relatives have some tight names like Sabata or Dalibunga and stuff like that.  Plus they have meanings that are a lot cooler than like… english names.  

6th thing: if you’ve gotten this far then you really need to find a hobby or something, or else i’ve been exxagerating and this thing isn’t as long as it seems b/ i wont find out how long it looks ’till i hit that submit button.  Anyways I have no more things right now and I’m sorry i had to mislead you by labeling this the 6th thing and keeping you along but………………. i really need to find new ‘things’ cuz I’ve been deliberately not doing what i need to be doing by typing things like instead of a paper….  You’re one crazy ass mofo if you read all the way down here………. tell me you did and i’ll buy you a sandwich or something….. as long as it’s from the dollar menu and you’re a hot girl. πŸ™‚

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  1. oh man i hope im considered as a hot girl so i can get a dollar sandwhich! AND A HUG! hahaha
    naaah im messing!
    that took like 5 minutes to read all that.. why did i read it? u havent updated in awhile..n ur entries are ALWAYs interesting and randomAND its 1 am..no ones on to talk to…. haha It was very interesting to read.. You got some mind. i think ull be an awesome writer..haha maybe i should tell your parents you have a dream to become a writer..and that u secretly write at night…and that you have secret hidden novels you wrote! hahahaha im jk… =]
    hope u have an awesome weekend twin. ;]


  2. oh and maybe i am madly in love with you… O.o


  3. okay. that hot girl nonsense just totally killed it for me right there. hahaha.
    props for your entry though. I read it. .. the parts that interested me, at least. πŸ™‚
    take care!


  4. i hate you jonathan.. you made me cry. tim duncan is the best. and you know you love him deep down ’cause you secretly love me. i know it by the look in your eyes when you look into mine. just admit it, you wish you could be just like tim ’cause he is my sex goddess!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. sorry… i tried to read it all… i stopped after basketball and when i saw the names ghandi and mandela… thats a no no for me… i had political crap… or whatever it goes under… but i still love you… good work today at practice brother!


  6. YOU OWE ME A SANDWICH! Lets go to McDonald’s after basketball practice πŸ˜€


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