Xanga: Fantasy Football

Do you know what amazes me? I was looking at some of the college football stats and realized that they would make amazing fantasy players.  I mean of the three players in the Heisman race their points total in a normal fantasy league would be this:  Young: 320, Leinart: 245, and Bush: 305.  To put that into perspective the number one fantasy player in the NFL, Sean Alexander, has 268,  and Leinart and Bush are on the same team.  That’s freakin’ crazy.  I mean thats like averaging 24 points a week fantasy wise.  Man i really need the fantasy season to end so i can actually get some school work done…….

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  1. win in fantasy this weekend please.  i’ll be your best friend.


  2. ironic that the last comment you got was me asking you to win…and then this weekend, i needed you to lose (to me).
    i’m sorry it had to be this way, jon…i should’ve just shown you some dang appreciation for beating jason by laying down for you…BUT…no can do.  i’m a competitior. 
    but yeah…that new england pick up wasn’t too bad, huh?  besides larry johnson, that might’ve been my best pick up of the year.  i just had a hunch…and it paid off.  tampa can’t play in cold weather, simms and carnell are too young, and new england is getting healthy.  it was the perfect time to take the gamble. 
    good luck in your consolation game…i’ve got a tough road ahead of me…we’ll see how it plays out.
    but man…if this were a keeper league, larry johnson would be about as valuable as tomlinson or shaun, agreed?  he is an absolute stud, especially with THAT offensive line.
    funniest thing of all was…after i picked him up, i offered him to james ryu for practically nothing (bc he had priest and figured he wanted lj for insurance).  i left the offer on the table for a whole week but he never took it.
    that one move could’ve changed my whole fate.  haha.


  3. i was on a friend’s site…and forgot to sign off…so…yeah…that last comment was from me (you could probably figure that out).


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