Xanga: New TV Shows?

Man watching stuff on TV these past few weeks i noticed something messed up.  Or really I’ve been noticing this for the past few years.  Like all of the cartoons and shows that they show on cartoon network, WB, and all those channels younger kids watch, they seem to have new shows practically every other week.  So there’s always something new and flashy that they’re advertising and stuff.  This means that the new show is essentially replacing an old show.  This makes it so that there’s a constant cycle of new shows replacing old shows so that kids keep watching these channels not because they have good shows but there’s always something new  to watch. 

This means that all of the shows on those channels have no substance, nothing actually worth watching.  I mean when I was in elementary school and stuff the shows i watched I watched for like few years straight like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Batman, Ducktales all that good stuff.  ANd it was kind of like the routine to come home from school everyday and watch Spiderman at 3:30.  And these shows actually had substance and a message even though i didn’t know that i learned it until much later.  I mean i still remember this one episode of Ducktales where the three ducks wanted to buy this bike really bad but they didn’t get their allowance until thurs. and the bike was only on sale until wed.  so basically they lied and told Scrooge that it was thurs. instead of wed. but as a result all this messed up junk started happening.  So i mean it taught me that lying is wrong in a subtle yet effective way.  But then if you look at all the crap shows that are coming around now that are basically rip offs of past good shows it kinda depresses me that kids growing up have to watch garbage like that.

I mean how do you go from this:

To something like this:

Thats kinda why i think we’re kinda screwed when the shows kids watch dont teach crap except to be drawn to things that are flashy and streamlined crap.

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  1. thats true… but i dont really care… as long as i got to watch those classics.. im happy. 🙂


  2. no more ninja turtles….dats sad..
    i miss my old cartoons


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