Xanga: Tweezers

I am possibly one of the most retarded/clumsiest person in the world………….

DISCLAIMER: um…. kinda gross to some people or something..

So i was going #2 and i forgot to get something to read first cuz i had to go really bad.. so i was kinda bored so i was kind of tossing a pair of tweezers in the air and junk.  But then i kind of missed it and the tweezers dropped right into the toilet………………. so for like the next 10 minutes im using this stick thingy i found under my sink trying to dig the tweezers and junk out… kinda sucked cuz i was about finished with my ddong too…………. anyways PROOF THAT IM A NICE BROTHER: he walked into the bathroom and i told eddie not to use the tweezers…. freakin’ missed my chance

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  1. hmmmm wow…thats why u dun play with tweezers while taking a crap..hahaah
    u are nice..who said u werent? why did u need PROOF?


  2. i have one questionn, y is sunjoo ALWAYS b4 me and, thats pretty freaking sick, what was ur bro going to use the tweezeres for? i’m kind curious hahahahahahaha


  3. ^ bc i like jinoo more den u do!
    thats wat u call a true friend!
    YEAH BOY! hahaha im jk


  4. hey yo…what’s sweaty eddie’s xanga site…or does he not have one?  i didn’t know you had one either. haha.
    did you read my post from monday on my sports site (about our fantasy league)?
    eddie guerrero?  viva la rasa (is that how you spell it?)!  we’ll see if i include some wrestling tidbits.  but thanks for the suggestions, twin. 


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