Xanga: Broken Window

I am, one of the biggest retards in the world.  See i like sleeping with my windows open, so right before i was going to sleep i was opening my windows.  I guess my hand kinda slipped or something cuz my elbow kinda went through the window.  So now my window is like cracked into 3 pieces.  So for the next 30 minutes im in my boxers with the lights on and the blinds up, taping my window back together (cuz i’ve already broken my window once and if my parents find out i’ve broken it again they’d be pissed), and my brothers wakling around naked cuz he just took a shower, when we both realized that the entire neighborhood can see the two of us walking around my room with me halfnaked, and eddie in the full monty………………….. at least the girls across the street are like 5 so its no biggie………………… anyways i gotta go to this sleep study thing to see if im a bad sleeper or something like that so bye.

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  1. you are crazy…Im bck for the weekend


  2. haha i love ur stories twin. =]


  3. you guys are soo crazy.


  4. hahaha. eddie naked. hahaha


  5. MAN when are can i come over and participate in these activities….THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!


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