Xanga: Stolen Wallet

HA, another interesting day at school… me being the retard that I am I’m pretty sure that i forgot to lock my gym locker all the way.  So im standing in lunch line and i pull out my wallet, and all the money is gone, some fool jacked my money while I was in Personal fitness.  That jackass didn’t even leave me any money for lunch, I mean if you’re gonna steal 30 bucks from somebody you could at least leave like 2 dollars for lunch.  I had some change in there too so if he left like 10 cents more that woulda been enough for lunch AND cookies, and the school cookies are freakin’ amazing.  So lesson learned for the day: always lock your gym locker all the way, or keep your money in your sock or something.  Yeah, and if you’re gonna steal from someone at least leave enough so the poor guy can eat, cuz thats just being courteous.

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  1. awwww so did you not get to eat? man..dat sucks! haha
    u should find out who it is!


  2. haha that is just too funny…well at least nobody stole your christmas money ): someone stole like $200 and my pretty purse and left my wallet in a wal-mart plastic bag…they stole my purse too ): 


  3. food is life. and you are hilarious.


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