Xanga: New Town Park Sneakin’

Another adventure under the belts of the awesome duo that is………. (Insert awesome name).  Anyways we were at the park, because our mom wanted us to run but we were way to tired since we were at tournament so were jus sitting in the playground.  THEN all of a sudden like 20 cars (more like 10) started pulling into the park and parking near the lacrosse fields.  So, naturally we did what any other kids woulda done, we snuck around the park commando style so we could get closer and see what these punks were up to.  So anyways we basically ran around the entire park, through some forest junk, and crawled across this football field and basically ended up right next to the dudes.  So in the end they were jus messing around wasn’t no fun, so we had to crawl back and through all that junk.  But then we jumped the fence into this baseball field and then apparently this woman was letting her dogs run around inside the field w/o any collars and stuff so right when our feet hit the ground these dogs start barking like crazy and chasing after us.  So we pealed out, and that was one of the most exhilerating parts of my life cuz running across that baseball field with 2,3 dogs on my heels and then jumping like two fences on the run was some seriously, like superagent junk.  Twas tre stimulating.  So anyways now im inside with like a buncha scratches and junk……. but no regrets

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  1. hahahahahaha
    wow…worth reading. haha =]
    so typical of u guys


  2. how come this crap doesn’t happen in the awesome life of roy? explain that


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