Xanga: Survey

Sweet, I love survey thingies……..

10 years ago:

– I was in Chicago…. and had no clue that Atl even existed….

– Watched the ORIGINAL Spiderman everyday after school at 3:30

– Was getting ready to tear up the ice in the Pewee hockey league

– My dream was to own my own Pizza Parlor

– Treasure Mt. was the shit…

5 years ago:

– I was so fat some kid at church would make fun of me and i could never catch him when he ran away: punkass… That kid’s name is Roy Lee

– I was really into Azn pride?

– Unreal Tournament and Diablo II took up all my time

– I shared a room with my brother

– I was taller than: Jason, Roy, Wooseok… basically everyone who’s taller than me now

1 year ago:

– I was practicing for my liscense test

– Went to Open gym on Tues.

– Was in the remedial Korean School class w/ white people

– Realllly started to suck at school

– thought any asian girl i saw was cute….

Yesterday I:

– Was inside a Bear cave

– Resoved never to bet food ever again

– Got a new car….

– Discovered that somethin called Happy Tree Friends is some sadistic crap

– Had my debut as a model….

5 snacks I enjoy:

– The Bomb

– Double Cheeseburger

– Cheesey Gordita Crunch

– KFC Snackers

– Nacho Bel Grande

5 Songs I know all the words to (Out of a million):

– Howie Day – Collide

– Tupac – Changes

– Everlast – What it’s Like

– Match Box 20 – Rainmaker

– Michelle Branch – Everywhere

5 things i would do with a 100 million dollares:

– Buy in to the Main Event for the posse

– Hire a personal shopper so i never have to go clothes shopping again

– buy a boat for my pops and the Gulf of Mexico so he can fish whenever he wants

– Finish off the church buildings so we don’t have to move the goals

– Buy millions of acres in Wyoming

5 places i would run away too:

– Rocky Mts.

– Chicago

– DC

– Secret Spot

– Alaska

5 things i would never wear:

– a speedo

– whitey tities

– leather pants

– a turtleneck

– Jinkos …….. wat the hell are UGG boots anyways?

5 favorite TV Shows:

– Cosby Show

– Wrestling in general

– Wings

– Friends

– Seinfeld

5 bad habits:

– farting in public

– picking at my nails

– shaking my leg

– avoiding situations i dont wanna deal w/

– pissing on other people’s property

5 biggest joys:

– when im hungry at night, and then my dad comes home w/ leftovers from some church dinner/event/thingy

– Dollar menu

– Mon. Nitro, Fri. Smackdown, Sat. Velocity

– when my dad overestimates our hunger so that we have to try and finish dinner instead of there not being enough

– Walking into the Bear cave

5 fictional characters i would date:

– Rusty from Oceans 11

– Cho Chang, Harry Potter

– Nancy from Sin City

– Guinevere from King Arthur, Kierra Nightley

– um…….. girl in Rush Hour II, Zhang Ziyi

5 people i tag:

– NOBODY, i jus realized its 2:00 and i gotta school tomorrow, but instead of sleeping im up doing this survey thingy so i dont want nobody else to have to do this….

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  1. hholy, can i see you in a speedo? and wow what kinda car? YOU THOUGHT I WAS CUTE. ahahaha kidding


  2. wow i feel bad… ^eww jennifer..speedo? I wouldnt even wanna see BRad Pitt in a speedo..
    treasure mt. was the shit


  3. doode… youre sick… that penis quote is disgusting.. YOU PERVERT!


  4. arright, i wasn’t that mean


  5. did you veto a trade? that trade is important.


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