Xanga: HC off the Hook?

DUde HC was off the hook……….. yeah it was fun, but ANYWAYS im sure plenty of other people have pictures and commentary, and im too lazy for either so go to their sites………………

AIGHT embarrassing JK moment of the day: see i was walking my dog and i was kinda beatboxing and dancing to myself…. cuz it gets kinda boring jus walking with your dog.  So i was going a long and then like 4 girls from my school come up from behind me and run past me….. that was tight………..

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  1. holy you have the funniest smile


  2. was it u i saw at hc or ur brother?..i cant remember!!! ;]


  3. hahaha funny story you weirdo! haha j/k. glad you had fun at homecoming! everyone looked extra spiffy!


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