Xanga: Friday Night Smackdown

YES!!! NEW TIMES FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN AT 8 PM EASTERN TIME! cept thats fnl so nobody better be watchin it… but if you record it thats pretty cool and hardcore…. and if you do lemme borrow it when you’re done cuz i have no idea how to work the vcr thingy and dont have blank tapes.


Im lovin’ it…

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  1. ^ ok shekkie..im supposed to be first..-_- hahah jk
    hmm wrestling… im surprised u wouldnt stay home to watch that junk….
    das like u n ur brother…u in the shaved head..lol


  2. *or bald..wutever*


  3. haha. you and your wrestling. :]
    hope you are doing well, JONATHAN.
    -Ping, Jesus, Spongebob, and whatever other nickname you guys had for me. haha.


  4. hahaha i love you, jonathan.. i stopped watching wrestling after the nwo red vs. white shit. that was total gay


  5. r u coming 2 chattahoochees hc 2morrow??


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