Xanga: Washing Face

Do you know what?  Do you know those clearasil, and face stuff commercials where the girls always splash their face with handfuls of water?  Do you know how like it goes all over their face and it seems to work really well to wash off the soap and stuff?  Well i found out that that is the biggest buncha crap ever.  I mean i tried doing that today when i was all sweaty and junk and the water just goes up your nose and splashed all over the place… what a downer

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  1. YO~~ hahaha, i tried that too a couple years ago.. and i found exactly what you found.. NOTHING.


  2. hahaha, wwwwooooowww. have fun at hc my main man


  3. …wow…
    im sorry to hear….?
    a lot of downers for you huh?


  4. HAHAHAHHA. OHHHHHHHmy… -_-;; i actually laughed out loud on that one.


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