Xanga: Jonathan Kim

Hey, i googled my name to see what all the other jonathan kims in the rest of the world were doing… cuz i have no idea what i want to be.  And guess what? they’re all scientists or doctors… imagine that, no athletes, no nothing physical… so apparently i should be going to an ivy league school or something and follow the rest of my kind….  at least there were no pastors… that woulda freaked me out. 

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  1. well why u gotta be a follower?
    why dun u follow what you wish to do? =]
    set up a new path of a jonathan kim
    c-ya tomorrowwww


  2. it fits you… jk… we need to practiceo ur layups… meaing WE you and ME.. 😉


  3. uhm jenifer told me you went for the eagles? oh no no no..


  4. haha, yah, this is the new age of the jonathan.


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