Xanga: Bill Watterson

Hey I would like to tribute this post to Bill Watterson for being the greatest cartoonist that ever lived… cuz Calvin & Hobbes isn’t just funny its thought provoking and profound.  Not only that but Watterson is one of the few artists that decided not to put their artistic integrity on the line: “My strip is about private realities, the magic of imagination, and the specialness of certain friendships. Who would believe in the innocence of a little kid and his tiger if they cashed in on their popularity to sell overpriced knickknacks that nobody needs?”
So… thank you for not selling your soul that the world would be full of a bunch of extra merchandising that ultimately takes away from the entire message of your strip…

Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

Without Watterson I wouldn’t be the type of guy I am today… and i like the guy i am today… don’t know bout you guys and my parents and everybody else… but im pretty satisfied.

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  1. haha well glad to hear that Watterson has put an impact on your life.. LOL
    i love calvin and hobbes


  2. ur the man jinoo, u are the MAN


  3. “Awww man… i want a lil kid to follow me around… wait… i already have eddie…”
    ahaha…funny n cute..just imagining little eddie running around following u..haha =x
    see ya at the lock in


  4. jonathan how come you come to my xanga and never prop me? i feel so unloved by my own brother!!!! well nice seeing you at the library… i cant believe you and eddie were about to sit somewhere else… i have to show my friends my good lookin’ brothers


  5. haha, dood, im’ SATISFIED w/ u too


  6. i am soooooooooo well satisfied. <33333333333333333


  7. yeeh i wish that person could have cheered me up today..=]


  8. wow thats sounds wise, but nice choice of comic 


  9. i have every calvin and hobbes comic book (except for one that my tutor borrowed and never returned back in like 5th grade). bill watterson is amazinggg.
    and i cant believe u caught runner 10’s. i’m bitter


  10. u should update…its getting boring dude…lol


  11. watterson is a genius!!! i read your calvin and hobbes books while i crap in your bathroom..


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