Xanga: First Day of School

So… first day of school sucked a nut…. 1st period, my teacher tells me that the summer reading for the two books i haven’t read is due tomorrow with tests on each.  I thought I had at least until fri. to get that junk done.  2nd period, the first thing my teacher tells me is that this is the hardest course in the school.  3rd period found out that my gym teacher is a major hardass.  4th period found out that Im the ONLY senior in the class and I don’t know a single person.  5th period, found out that im the dumbest kid in the class based on past history.  6th period found out that im stuck with a bunch of black people.  I cant relate to black people, the girls scare me and the guys piss me off.  But at least i have the same lunch as my brother…

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  1. really?..everybody said their day sucked..my day was ok


  2. aww well im sure ull make friends with under classmen n the hoogs..=]
    its ok..teachers always BS saying the class will be hard..they just want u to work ur ass off
    at least u guys dun have a senior project thats wirth 6 test grades =/


  3. haha. that blows. but don’t worry, it’ll get better by the day. :]


  4. my first day of school hasnt happened yet….hey but the food is good….so


  5. o by the way let me have your sn for AIM and your brothers too


  6. awww poor little boy, i hope things get better! be a manly man!!! muhaha


  7. hahaha… black ppl and jonathan. HAHAHA


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