Xanga: Wisdom Teeth

Yeah…. today I got my wisdom teeth taken out, it wasn’t that bad tho since they give you pain killers and stuff. But it was cool cuz when they were putting me to sleep I was trying to fight it to see how long I could last, and everything was going fine and my nurse was pretty cute, and then I woke up… yeah not so great a job.

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  1. i dont sing on the younger praise tem..i was supposed 2!!


  2. hey!!


  3. Fighting to see how long you could last. Didn’t think people did that these days.


  4. hey … haha… cool…


  5. HAHA, pretty cute nurse eh? kinda like the girl at TIP in kansas??? hahaha, i knew u’d like that.  hope u can eat at church tonight. PEACE!


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