Xanga: Machete (Prequel)

HAHAHAHA Today was a GOOD day… do you know why?? cuz i finally got my machete and its all i’ve been dreaming about… 18″ of black tempered steel = happy day.  So if you have a lot of vegetation and stuff in your backyard call me up an i’ll take care of it….

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  1. puahaha.  HHMMM jonathan has a nack for hurting himself BYhimself. Jonathan + long sharp knife = no more jonathan.  :(.  All u ladies out there are going to have to find another hunk of burning love


  2. Jonathan…i want to come over and have a war with you. those mongol sword vs that machete. that would be 100 percent awesome.


  3. ^ O.o


  4. you still ran over a racoon though…


  5. who do you have to thank for that? well.. even though you coulda done it by yourself..


  6. u are one crazy child.  you must be bored out of your mind to chop wood in your backyard for FUN.  where’d you get it from? im tellin ya, its all at the home depot.  and its cheap.  but as long as your happy.  you should buy two and duel eddie. then we’ll see who the better twin is.


  7. jonathan! omg…your umma made my mom go INSANE and now she’s making me download college apps and answering all these essay questions ><  seriously your umma was like omg michelle has to start essays now! jonathan and eddie already started! so now my umma’s freakin going crazyyyy haha yeahh but whatever i need to start anyway..


  8. haha yeah my mom just called and was like how much have you done? and i was like wellll, you know, i really need to think this out and look at my other school essays to get ideas blahblah haha so yeah she wants me to finish 4 essays before school starts like what the heck…arg whatever i just basically try to tune my parents out


  9. hey jonathan..this is jennifer from church..i dunno if u noe me!!


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