Xanga: Broken Fridge

GAAHHH!!! MY FRIDGE IS BROKEN!!!!!!!  ‘sigh’ doesn’t matter there wasn’t much in there anyways but now i have nothing instead of something… its not that bad we still have food but if you wanna send me food you’re more than welcome…

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  1. hahaha, u would care about that.  I can’t wait till tonight……i got some good stuff to tell u guys


  2. haha. i LOVE value menus too. but i just said it was horrible as in..for my health 😛
    you can stop by panda and if you’re lucky enough to get me..i can serve you bigger portions. haaha


  3. that’s the worst. 
    one of my friends fridge’s broke so she used her backyard as a fridge.  of course that was the winter time.. right now wouldn’t be the time…. unless your microwave broke…


  4. hahaha ill send u food..n by the time it gets to u…
    it wont be called food O.o


  5. come over.. ill feed you… ill feed you a side dish of racoons too… hahahahaha jk… call me … we can eat cereal together… or eat out…


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