Xanga: Getting Lost Driving

Um… I have to tell about this GREAT AWESOME adventure I had… actually it was horrible and I almost cried… See Yesterday my Sister Anna was going to DC and i had to drop her off at the train station in Dunwoody, so thats what I did.  ‘cept after I dropped her off I guess I took a couple of wrong turns and got myself completely lost…. like totally had no idea where I was.  So I drove around for like an hour following any road that sounded familiar until I saw a sign for a library.  SO basically i stopped at the Dekalb Public Library ‘cept they wouldn’t let me use the computers without a visitor’s card.  So i was standing in line when this fob girl runs up to me yelling this name, apparently who she thought I was…. so she started saying some stuff until she realized i was a total stranger and ran away…. shoulda asked for her number but I wasn’t thinking straight…. JKJK she wasn’t my type.  SO anyways i used mapquest which totally blew me off cuz i think i used the wrong adress…. so i stopped at a BP and asked where Buford Hwy was cuz thats the only road name i know…. and the dude told me take a right and go straight…. which i did and i came across my old church by freakin’ accident.  ANd thats how i got home after 2  hours of driving….. yeah never ask me for directions.

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  1. so DATS why u werent with the boys yesterday..they invaded my house -_-
    haha aww dunwoody..how i miss dunwoody!


  2. hahaha, oh my oh my.  MAN i’m BORED


  3. haha sweetness.. u tend to get lost a lot.. remember on our way to the marta for the heat hawks game and on the way back.. hahaha


  4. why didnt u gimme any eprops!


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